All Our Artworks Are

Inspired by Nature and Space

The acrylic collections are pieces we make at times of imaginativeness and are influenced by the weather, the space we choose to paint and the inspiration we draw from the coded art pieces. 

The W17 Collection

These two pieces were made while experimenting with a new oil mixture and attempting to connect the generated shapes and acrylics with expressive strokes. 

Recent Artworks

Our Story

It took a time of great uncertainty and a chain of different creative projects for us to come up with the idea of generative art. Growing up in a setting where being creative was rather discouraged from lack of an inherited artistic legacy, we decided that uncertainty is an asset.


Visit our current exhibitions in Berlin at:

– Jagowstraße 26, 10555. Mía y Leo Café
– Kantstraße 27, 10623. The design outlet store