Bootcamp - Illuminating Creativity: TouchDesigner for musicians

Join us for a 5-day bootcamp where musicians can explore their creativity through the creation of mesmerizing visuals, control of vibrant LED lights, and crafting abstract paper structures for projection mapping.

Day 1

  • Get to know the TouchDesigner interface like a pro
  • Create mind-blowing abstract visuals with a focus on color and composition
  • Discover techniques to bring motion and life to your visual creations

Day 2

  • Master the art of setting up and controlling mesmerizing LED lights with TouchDesigner
  • Experiment with different techniques to create dynamic and captivating LED light sequences
  • Explore the magical synergy between LED lights and music

Day 3

  • Embark on a journey into the world of paper sculpture and origami
  • Explore the fascinating fusion of paper sculpture and projection mapping
  • Design and prototype abstract paper structures that will come to life through projection mapping

Day 4

  • Prepare the physical space for an awe-inspiring projection mapping experience
  • Learn how to map visuals onto physical objects and create breathtaking transformations
  • Witness your abstract paper structures evolve into living, breathing artworks

Day 5

  • Dive deeper into the realm of advanced TouchDesigner techniques
  • Combine visuals, LED lights, and projection mapping to create immersive and unforgettable experiences
  • Present your final projects to the group and reflect on the incredible creative journey

Bonus Sessions

  • Optional troubleshooting sessions to help you overcome any challenges
  • Unlock the secrets of advanced TouchDesigner techniques, paper sculpture, and projection mapping
  • Be inspired by guest artist talks featuring musicians and multimedia artists who use TouchDesigner in their own unique ways

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Illuminating Creativity: TouchDesigner for musicians