Artist - Skywalker Visuals

Generative artist & VJ.

Skywalker Visuals

My ongoing project, SKYWALKER VISUALS, embodies my unwavering dedication to crafting immersive, audio-reactive multimedia experiences.

Utilizing the software Touchdesigner, I meticulously construct digital generative art and interactive installations that exist across various platforms: augmented projections, standalone displays, and captivating event stage mapping.

However, SKYWALKER VISUALS transcends the realm of mere visual art.

It serves as a bridge between humanity and the vast unknown, fostering a space where creator and creation interweave in a harmonious dance.

Multimedia artistry:

Painting, graphics design, branding, product design, motion design, Generative & Audiovisual art creation.

Also stage design & mapping + Live Vj ing . art directing a couple of NFT projects.

Experience with LED screens & electrical engineering.

Generative Art & VJing:

Conjuring real-time digital magic that pulsates with environmental energies and forces.

Generative, kaleidoscopic & fluid art, psychedelic patterns, dynamic RGB symphonies.

VJing with Chaos and creativity in ethereal shapes, Displaced pixels & glitch art, Video effects & transitions.

Interactive Installations:

Sensory symphony of interactive installations through audio & OSC input, Kinect / Depth Cameras, Leap Motion, Face & Body AI Tracking, MIDI controllers, AR/XR & Spatial Media.

A harmonious dance between the physical and the digital—a journey where your participation transforms the art itself.

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